Practitioner Advanced Training: The Power of Self-Organization

This Advanced Training is open to Feldenkrais practitioners and 3rd/4th-year FPTP trainees; it can serve as a prerequisite to the upcoming IOPS Academy International.

Self-organization is the foundation of our work as Feldenkrais practitioners. Better self-organization results in better Functional Integration® lessons. Yet it is not something we “know”—rather, it is a practice, something that we train in again and again.

Moving with an equal distribution of muscular tone is a basic principle of the Feldenkrais Method®. When you are teaching, do your hands and fingers feel strain? Do you experience neck or back discomfort? Can you lift your client’s head or limbs without changing the tone in your arms? Through this Advanced Training, you will understand some of the basic principles and biomechanics that govern how efficient we are, and learn to understand your students' experiences. By making self-organization a daily personal practice, you’ll be able to consistently:

  • Improve the quality of your touch;
  • Give higher-quality Functional Integration lessons;
  • Improve your comfort while working;
  • Support yourself and work with a proportional, equal distribution of tone;
  • Improve your ability to listen to what your client communicates when you touch them.

"My work is already reaching the new levels I hoped it would... I have so much more precision, clarity and ease in my work, and a true deepening of understanding. I can facilitate much more with much less... I am particularly grateful for the way your teaching empowers me to 'live my practice'... It's very clear to me how [this] training helps us to work with anyone more effectively, from someone living with severe disability to the highest performers, and the primary and fundamental importance of how we work with ourselves." —Sophie, Feldenkrais Practitioner

This 14-week online Advanced Training will delve into the heart of self-organization. It will consist of:

  • Ten 3-hour teaching sessions with lectures, demonstrations, and opportunities to ask questions;
  • Four 90-minute labs, where you will have the opportunity to interact with your classmates on specific assignments;
  • Weekly assignments that will help you integrate the teaching into your own personal experience and your ability to serve others.
  • Bonus: Free recording of the live 5-day Advanced Training, Learning Self-Organization Again and Again and Again..., held in New York City in 2014; a $299 value.
  • You will also receive downloadable recordings of this course.

We're excited that the technology now available will allow us a rich and vibrant online learning environment:

  • You'll be able to see Jeff work via multiple camera views;
  • Jeff will be able to see you;
  • We'll be able to speak and listen to each other as if we were in the same room together;
  • You'll be able to observe and learn from your colleagues as they work with people in their "bubble."

Technical requirements: To participate in this online course, you'll need a computer, Internet access, microphone, and webcam that meet the specifications listed here.

This Advanced Training is offered at two different times each week to accommodate practitioners from around the world. You may attend whichever class works best for you (you may attend both, though it will be the same material).

This Advanced Training is a prerequisite for the IOPS Academy (Ideal Organization & Profound Strength), Jeff Haller's graduate-level program for Feldenkrais practitioners, to be offered online soon to participants internationally. Registrants to "The Power of Self-Organization" Advanced Training receive a discount to the IOPS Academy.

Fees (click on each option to register):

Fee includes downloadable recordings of this course and the Learning Self-Organization Again and Again recordings, as well as a discount to the upcoming IOPS Academy International.

Cost includes 10% nonrefundable deposit.

Sorry, not currently available

Date March 01, 2021 -
June 03, 2021
TimeMondays 6–9pm PST or Thursdays 9am–12pm PST
(Lab Dates/Times: April 5–15 & May 17–27: Mon 6–7:30pm or Thurs 9–10:30am)
LocationOnline via Zoom
Instructor(s)Jeff Haller

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