Practitioner Workshop: Self-Organization Refresher for IOPS Basel Participants

Taught by Martina Rumpf & Susanne Braun, Assistant Trainers, IOPS Practitioners

“I see and I forget. I hear and I remember. I do and I understand.” (Confucius)

This workshop is offered as a refresher for IOPS Basel registrants who did one of the self-organization Advanced Trainings with Jeff Haller in person, and an opportunity for those who learned from the recordings to transfer and enrich their knowledge into a lived experience.

Practicing some of the main principles and strategies introduced in Jeff Haller's self-organization Advanced Trainings, we continue to explore, ask questions and deepen our understanding and experience around Moshe Feldenkrais’ question, “What is good posture?”

Following the foundational principles of the Feldenkrais Method, leaving space for your individual questions and needs, we will be learning from ourselves and each other. Practice is what informs our own lived experience and improves the competency and pleasure in our work.

Learn more about the IOPS Academy, a graduate-level program for Feldenkrais practitioners starting in Basel in December 2019.

Note: This workshop does not fulfill the prerequisites for IOPS Basel applicants, as it is meant as a refresher for those who have already participated or watched the self-organization Advanced Trainings; please see the IOPS Academy website for information.

Contact Susanne Braun for more information and to register for the Self-Organization Refresher: susanne.braun(at)

[Fee is in Swiss francs.]


Register Now Fee: $240.00

Date October 26, 2019 -
October 27, 2019
TimeSaturday 11am-5pm & Sunday 11am-2pm
Werkraum Warteck pp
Burgweg 7, 3rd floor
4058 Basel, Switzerland
Instructor(s)Martina Rumpf & Susanne Braun, Assistant Trainers, IOPS Practitioners

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