Practitioner Graduate Program: IOPS Academy (Ideal Organization & Profound Strength)

Introducing the first European IOPS Academy—where we work together to develop ourselves and grow our practices. This cohesive graduate training program is designed to take your practice to the next level.

In-person and online classes will be taught in English.

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The IOPS Academy is a graduate program of unparalleled support for Feldenkrais practitioners. IOPS combines intimate in-person trainings, interactive online classes, access to a comprehensive video library, and a supportive cohort of dedicated practitioners.

"I am passionate about guiding Feldenkrais practitioners to realize their highest potential in this work. Many of you desire a prosperous practice that satisfies and supports you personally, professionally, and financially. It is my goal for you to fulfill that wish.” —Jeff Haller, Ph.D.

As a participant in the IOPS Academy, you will:

  • Examine your strengths and weaknesses, and develop in the areas you most need to grow;
  • Engage in a community of fellow practitioners that support each other and improve together;
  • Develop a rigorous understanding of function using the IOPS curriculum;
  • Energize your teaching—thinking deeply, sharing your talents, and committing to skillful growth;
  • Emerge as an exceptional practitioner who communicates a clear, precise image of human function and confidently fosters the outcomes your clients seek.

You don’t have to struggle alone. We’ll do it together, inspiring each other and having an incredible time.

The IOPS Academy is directed by Jeff Haller.

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“Jeff’s interpretation of the Feldenkrais Method is biologically accurate, functionally rooted and pedagogically masterful. Over the years Jeff has made the path of maturation for practitioners more and more explicit. He has refined his teaching of self-organization to a high art, and his understanding of how to use ground forces holds the view, the practice and the fruition of a highly skilled master Feldenkrais practitioner. The biggest change in my work since training with Jeff is that I am no longer confused about what the client needs. I no longer have vague hope or baseless confidence in what I can do for them as a Feldenkrais teacher. Instead I’m clear and confident in my own ability to see function, to work with their abilities, and get them back on the right track in their life. This graduate program provides professional practitioners with an incredibly stable base of skill, knowledge and discipline from which to maintain a thriving private practice and career.” —Andrew Gibbons, MM, GCFP, Assistant Trainer

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DateIOPS includes three in-person segments—December 2019 (5 days), June 2020 (8 days), and February 2021 (8 days)—with online classes between each segment., December 16, 2019 -
February 21, 2021
Birsigstrasse 45
Basel, Switzerland
Instructor(s)Jeff Haller

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