Weekly Public Classes: Awareness Through MovementĀ® for Everyday Life


These classes are devoted to exploring the basic process of FeldenkraisĀ® Awareness Through Movement (ATM). Appropriate for beginners and experienced students of ATM, we utilize classic Awareness Through Movement lessons to help you improve how you move.

The purpose of the class is to have your body work for you and improve how you move through life. Your study of Awareness Through Movement will help you notice habits of action and movement where you work against yourself, and provide you with the means to replace those habitual ways of moving with movement that is more efficient, pleasant and beneficial. If your habitual ways of moving are working against you, to the point that you are breaking down more than you are able to restore yourself, then this is the class for you. But it is also for any person, of any movement skill level, who wants to learn how to attend more deeply to how they create, initiate, and engage in movement. These lessons are highly integrative in helping you move with the quality and ease you want for your life.

Benefits you can expect to gain from the class:

  • Improve your posture;
  • Move with a greater sense of integrated, whole body movement;
  • Improve your co-ordination;
  • Develop better, more balanced ways of supporting yourself;
  • Reduce tension and fatigue as you move with more skill and greater freedom;
  • Enjoy discovering how to refine your movement for more comfort in your life.

No experience necessary.

Register Now Fee: $50.00

Date January 01, 2019 -
July 31, 2019
TimeWednesdays, 7-9pm
15436 Bel-Red Road
Redmond, WA 98052
Instructor(s)Jeff Haller

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