Success Story: Practitioner Testimonials

Other Feldenkrais Teachers on Jeff Haller

What others have said about Jeff Haller's Inside Moves workshops:

"Learned a lot from this workshop. I want more."

"Very direct, gentle, clear style of teaching that allowed me to explore in a safe environment who I am as a person, a practitioner in relationship with others, especially the students. Thank you, Jeff. I have moved to the next step."

"We need more of this kind of of approach: weaving physics, specific relationships, Moshe Feldenkrais quotes and thoughts, building a theme from the ground up and empowering each practitioner to be better, more confident, more effective. The importance of really connecting with our clients/students in the deepest possible way. The importance of reminding us of Moshe's extraordinary legacy. Thank you so much!"

"Wonderful balance of attention to physical structure, function, whole self and use of self. I really appreciated his presence, availability and specificity in the content."

"A good challenge! Important work! Glad I came."

"Extremely helpful workshop. Presentation was very clear. Atmosphere of the class was very open. Jeff made it easy to participate. The descriptions were excellent. Very valuable!"

"Very clear explanations and demonstrations. As always, a lot of very deep and subtle information to chew on for a long time."

"The workshop gave so much clarity at biological level into functional. Why that particular movement is , and go for it. It gave sense of more confidence in my own learning and (?) in my practice. I'm grateful for that. Thank you so much. Hope to continue to work some more.

"SUPERB! We are looking forward to another, more of the same with Jeff Haller."

"Most phenomenal. A rich deep learning experience, life changing and life saving."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I highly recommend the workshop to everyone!"

"So much standing is demanding, fatiguing-- and exciting! The clarity of thinking and of alignment will provide richness for further exploration."

"I found this workshop to be helpful, presented with great clarity and understanding; practical, functional aspects were there, and on and on. Great!"

"It was so good to have a workshop that both helped my practice as well as taught me how to improve my own movement."

"A satisfying play between bio-mechanical specificity and topics of growth and maturity. A very rich learning experience and depth of understanding on topics that I already felt I had a good basis. it was great to see new avenues and questions open up."

"Jeff embodies what he teaches. He brings a deep and direct simplicity to complex material with his presence and language, and in doing so teaches profound respect for self and other."

"I greatly appreciated Jeff's continuing presence in body and soul as well as mind. I benefited greatly and enjoyed most of the workshop."

"The BEST advanced training I've ever had. Very clear presentation of a big idea broken down into digestible, understandable chunks. An incredibly coherent presentation of a concept through ATM, demonstration, and lecture, and finally moving the idea into FI. Further, Jeff's orientation of seeing the possibilities of FM as a way of helping people get out of their own way, heal/expand their self-image, and progress towards self-actualization is incredibly inspiring. Jeff has a wonderful combination of qualities that add up to a terrific teacher."

"Jeff, your ability to explain is precise and direct which is appreciated. And I believe giving critique is important but I have none to offer. Thanks."

"The remarkable clarity with which Jeff presented his own investigation and what it has yielded for him fostered an interest and curiosity about what my own journey might be. He gave tools for self-awareness and modeled the quality of commitment and openness necessary to truly honor the potential of this work. An inspiring workshop."

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