Carriage of the Head [DVDs]

Carriage of the Head [DVDs]

Often we finish a Functional Integration® lesson helping a person with the “carriage of their head.” It is high art to help a person with how their head rests and functions on their spine. To master this art requires you to integrate four fundamental aspects into your practice when giving lessons: foundational knowledge; your own self-organization; your ability to assess what a person wants, needs and can accept; and your ability to execute a lesson plan that will involve your student learning how to improve the carriage of their head.

Through Awareness Through Movement®, lecture/demonstrations, and hands-on practice we will work in-depth to refine your ability to give Functional Integration lessons that improve how our clients support their head. Our studies will include:

• Assessing how a person organizes their head in action.

• The role our feet and skeleton play in support of the head.

• Preparation of the torso and spine for support of the head.

• Work with our own self-organization for lifting and supporting the head.

• Lifting the head.

• Holding the head and refining the movements of the head with the neck and torso.

• Organizing the eyes with the movements of the head.

Includes: 5-day workshop plus 12 FI lessons given by Jeff with related discussion.

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